• Faster Construction Times

    Tri Board construction methods save time as when the panels are stood and the ceilings are on you are ready for trusses. All your internal walls are ready for topping and painting. Basic construction of walls to floors and ceilings can be completed in a single day. Find out more >>

  • Stronger Construction

    Tri Board is a triple layered panel with a wood strand core sandwiched between an MDF outer skin. This innovative combination of smooth surfaces with inner strength makes it ideal for a wide range of internal structural and non-structural applications. Find out more >>

  • Cost Effective Systems

    With the combined advantages of speed of construction and grade 5 paint ready surface on interior walls, the savings soon start to add up. Find out more >>

  • Space Saving Designs

    When Tri-board is used for internal walls, the reduction in thickness compared to traditional wall construction can provide you with up to 6 percent more usable space in an average size three-bedroom house. Find out more >>